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    Sehun’s small wave.

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  6. (fancam) 140711-12 the lost planet tour - sehun solo
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    Played the SJ game and i came to the story point where donghae asked me if i want him to buy me a cake and we go out for a picnic XD these are the caps from the moment we went out for the picnic kk

    I cleaned the caps from the dialogues ^^ If you want to make use of these caps, you may do so just please link back to this post and credit me. I will try to edit some more when I find cute caps of Donghae (or Eunhae) kkk. enjoy~

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  8. [fanacc] 140718 xiuhan has a detail that is extremely adorable. during the time the fan was asked which member she liked, there was a moment xiumin placed his hand on top of luhan’s shoulder. and then slowly from luhan’s back to his waist, his hand gestures completely smooth. i’m guessing it is xiumin and luhan’s habit normally.

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  9. iamxiaozuo | do not edit. (1, 2, 3, 4)

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    [HQ]140718 EXO FROM EXOPLANET in Shanghai #LOSTPLANETinShanghai #SEHUN #KAI

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